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View from Eggardon hillfort across Lyme Bay to Start Point

Eggardon Hillfort

Nearby Eggardon Hill , visible from our grounds, is an iron-age hillfort said to have the finest view of any hill-fort in the county. On a clear day you can see right across Lyme Bay to South Devon and Start Point

Nettlecombe, huddling under Eggardon

As well as walking along the spectacular ramparts you can discover unexpected and often deserted footpaths that access magical folds in the complex contours of Eggardon. We can provide you with maps and suggestions.

"Up on the summit, 829 foot above the sea, where the wind blows and the skylarks sing among the clouds, nothing changes. "As old as Eggardon" goes the local saying…"

"Wherever you go, the past is everywhere, just under the skin of the land, visible in the ripple of turf… in the terraced lynchets around Uploders and in the lonely downland barrows where the Bronze Age chieftains sleep."

Eggardon hill fort

Only the light changes, never quite the same as the patterns of sun and shadow drift across the landscape in an infinite variety of ways.

Dorset hill fort

Bronze-  age earth-works at Eggardon

Eggardon marks the westernmost outcrop of the chalk formation that spreads from the Urals across Southern England. It is here that the true West Country begins.

Here the true West Country begins

All quotations, unless otherwise stated, From Brian Jackman's "My Dorset", Dorset Magazine, October1999.

Gray's farmhouse: perfect for country-lovers!


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Bed & Breakfast in West Dorset