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Acrylic painting
Acrylic Paintings

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Oil Paintings Acrylic Paintings Gouache Water-colour Paintings Collage Mixed Media Drawings in ink, Drawings in charcoal

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Residential Painting Courses

Dorset Art Weeks

studio open 2.30-6.30 p.m.
25th. May to 9th. June, 2002

Mixed media painting  painting in gouache   Acrylic painting

Welcome to Rosie's Paintings.

The paintings and drawings on this site span a period from 1996 to the present, a time during which I have been developing new ways of working using a wide variety of media. The ancient woodland and countryside of West Dorset, the fields of sunflowers and poppies of France, and my love of colour and organic form, have provided rich inspiration.  

In my work I seek to capture the essence of what has inspired me rather than being concerned with its literal representation.  Increasingly the original subject matter has served to provide a starting point for a journey into the inner world of the imagination, a journey that is only possible because each time I set off on it I have no idea where it will take me!

Acrylic painting



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